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• Michelle Gibson and Kerry Spokes are both opening cafes in Fish Creek.

KERRY Spokes and Michelle Gibson both have grand plans for cafes in Fish Creek.

This is great news for so many reasons.

There will be jobs for locals and somewhere to go to have breakfast, lunch and afternoon teas.

“We will complement one another,” says Kerry.

She owns Gecko Gallery with her partner Michael Lester.

Their grand plan is to open a café, which will seat 20 people and serve cakes and coffee.

It will operate down the right hand side of the existing business and will be a wonderful addition to what is already a popular Gallery.

Michelle has taken over the Flying Cow, which will now be called Gibson’s.

Both women started out as locals then left the area before returning. They both came back and forward a couple of times. Kerry returned in the late 80’s and Michelle about 5 years ago.

The two feisty women have known each other since the 70’s and have both lived full and interesting lives.

Kerry left Fish Creek straight after high school and went travelling. She then attended art school in the La Trobe Valley before heading off to travel again before finally settling in Fish Creek.

She and Michael have recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Gecko Gallery.

Michelle’s background is in catering. When a makeup artist came into her work and said they needed a caterer on the film shoot she was working on, Michelle put her hand up.

The first film she worked on was a cracker of a film called Death in Brunswick.

She went on to do the catering for countless Australian films and TV shows.

Michelle says it’s all about how you want to live in the world.

“Food, coffee and art bring life and joy,” she says. “There is nothing to bring you down.”

“Everything I touch I really like it to be something that aesthetically pleases me then there’s a weight and a texture to it.”

These two forces of nature are embarking on a journey that will not only enrich their own lives but the lives of all who come to their cafes.

Gecko’s café should be up and running by the end of August and Gibson’s opening is planned for August 1st.


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