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Finishing touches on PCAC extension

• Great outdoors: Services support manager Emmah White, CEO Rhett McLennan and Leisure & Health Coordinator Pauline DeGroot, enjoy a few moments in one of PCAC’s communal spaces.

LAST week saw Prom Country Aged Care put the finishing touches to its extension, which has added an extra seven rooms to the facility.

Six are two-bedroom sized, while the seventh is a standard size.

For resident Albert Fisher, who is ready to move into one of the new living spaces, the move is a welcome one.

Not that the resident, who has been at PCAC for about eight months, is complaining about his current accommodation – he just knows the new room will offer him a bit more light and space.

“I’m full of praise for PCAC. The facilities are good, the care is good. To please this old bugger you’re not doing bad,” he said.

It says something about the hands-on approach of the PCAC staff that CEO Rhett McLennan had ditched his more formal attire for shorts and a t-shirt, and was doing some last minute landscaping around the site.

But he was not on his own, with both residents and staff lending a hand to make sure everything was completed. It’s meant making beds, cleaning, moving furniture, decorating “and all the things that need to be done”.

“Because there’s lots of little things that need to be done,” she said.

“It just goes to show, the people who work here and live here do take great pride in the facility and it’s not just a place to work or sit out your final years.”

One’s thing for sure: praise for the extension has been unequivocal.
“The majority of the staff, residents, volunteers, board members and former board members have been through it – and the feedback’s been really positive,” he said.

“It’s a bit of a step up in size and style from our current spaces. The communal spaces, of which there’s five of, can be used by anyone.”

Mr McLennan said architects Clarke Hopkins Clarke, project managers Connect Project Managers and builders Considine and Johnston, had all done a great job.

Five outdoor, undercover communal spaces have also added an extra dimension to the place.

He said the facility would effectively be a full house by the end of the week.


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