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Fifty year Jewel Rodney Lomax

Fifty years in one organisation is an outstanding achievement particularly when involvement is active and consistent over a long period.

R Wor Bro Harold Rodney Lomax PSGW GLH (Rod) has achieved this over his 50 years in Freemasonry.

Having arrived from Manchester England on 24th December 1942 with his parents, Rod completed his schooling at Frankston High School and then took a position with Frankston Council; he then graduated through the Local Government Department. His working life started with Frankston Council, Wycheproof where he joined Freemasonry, then to Nagambie Council.

He married Joan in 1964, they have three children – two boys one of whom is a policeman at Foster, another at Bendigo and a daughter who is about to reside in Texas. They also have 10 grandchildren.

Rod has a passion for music, which he commenced at an early age, and was appointed Assistant Grand Lodge Herald whilst a member of Nagambie Lodge. After 4 a further years he was appointed Grand Lodge Herald, a position he has held to this day, a total of 38 years. He has performed at many Installations through Goulburn Valley and also throughout Gippsland.

His Masonic career is thus: Joined Wycheproof as a 21 year old March 21st 1966 raised on 20th March 1967. Joined Nagambie Lodge July 11th 1967: Joined Victory Lodge at Foster December 19th 1972: Joined Toora Lodge May 14th 2002 and then Tarra Lodge May 18th 2014. During his time at these Lodges he has acted as organist for Victory, Toora and Tarra Lodges. While making the presentation to Rod, RW Bro Bill Kee PSGW GR said “Whilst Rod has a passion for music he also admits his passion for Freemasonry. He is proud to be a Freemason and his contribution to Freemasonry and that it a worthy organisation and contributor to our Freemasonry”.


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