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Federal Election on Saturday

THE 2013 Federal Election will take place this Saturday, September 7. All polling places will be open from 8am to 6pm. In the Corner Inlet district, which is in the electorate of McMillan, the polling places are as follows:

  • South Gippsland Secondary College, Pioneer Street, Foster
  • Fish Creek Memorial Hall, Falls Road, Fish Creek
  • Toora Community Hall, Gray Street, Toora
  • Port Franklin Public Hall, Tramway Street, Port Franklin
  • Welshpool Fire Station, South Gippsland Highway, Welshpool
  • Yanakie Community Hall, Meeniyan-Promontory Road, Yanakie
  • Meeniyan Uniting Church Hall, Geale Street, Meeniyan
  • Dumbalk Public Hall, Farmers Road, Dumbalk
  • Mardan Public Hall, Coulters Road, Mardan
  • Nerrena Public Hall, Nerrena Hall Road, Nerrena

A record thirteen candidates are standing for election for the seat of McMillan, currently held by Liberal Russell Broadbent. In the order they will appear on the ballot paper, the candidates for McMillan are as follows:

David Amor – Katter’s Australia Party;

Gary Patton – Senator Online (Internet Voting Bills/Issues);

Benjamin Staggard – Sex Party;

Malcolm McKelvie – The Greens;

John Parker – Independent;

Andrew Kis-Rigo – DLP;

Matthew Sherry – Palmer United Party;

Norman Baker – Rise Up Australia Party;

Russell Broadbent – Liberal;

Anthony Naus – Australian Labor Party;

Leigh Gatt – Independent;

Ross Fisher – Country Alliance;

Luke Conlon – Family First Party.

Voting for the Senate will be no easy matter, especially for voters who opt to decide their own preferences and vote ‘below the line,’ numbering all the candidates. A record 54 parties are contesting the poll. Then there are the ungrouped candidates. Plastic magnifying sheets will be installed in voting booths to help voters navigate their way through what will need to be an enormous Senate ballot paper, with candidates’ names printed in a miniscule font size in order to fit all the names in.


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