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A Seasoned Kitchen will introduce lower sugar whole foods at this month’s Farmers Market

Winter is a time for many of us to slow down, but now that the shortest day has passed some people have a spring in their step already.

We have a new producer starting at the market this month!  Stacey Bright from Fish Creek is a qualified Chef and despite being busy with a growing family has launched her own food business A Seasoned Kitchen.

Stacey will be offering catering and the business will find it’s direction as demand determines, but for starters, Stacey will be specialising in sweet treat using recipes she has developed and modified to suit people wanting to eat whole foods and particularly trying to reduce their intake of cane sugar.  Whole foods eating is about cooking from scratch with real food and minimal processing.  Most of Stacey’s offerings will be raw foods, which means they have had minimal heat applied to them and therefore offer improved nutrition.

Some of the slices you are likely to find at the market this week include Not so Nutella -a choc hazelnut slice, Macadamia and Lime, Raspberry dream cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel with peanut butter and Raw Mint Slice.  If you have food intolerances you’ll be happy to hear that many are gluten and/or dairy free and some are also suitable for followers of a vegan diet.  Stacey will have the slices available as single pieces, three packs and 6 packs.  Pop past Stacey’s stall to welcome her to our market with a purchase.

The Community Stall will be operating again, so if you have an excess of a particular item join the stall to sell your produce, or make a donation of produce for the benefit of a local community group.  The Fish Creek Boomerang Bags group will have some bags floating around the market, but be sure to bring your own as we discourage single use plastic bags.

As a celebration of mid winter, we’ll have 2 draws during the morning for vouchers to use at the market.  They’ll be at 10am and 11am, so collect a raffle ticket and hang around to reap the rewards of shopping at the market this Saturday.

The Prom Country Farmers Market is held on the third Saturday of each month from 8am – 12noon in the grounds of the Foster War Memorial Arts Centre in the town’s Main Street.  Bring your shopping bag and wear some winter footwear, and we’ll do the rest.


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