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Farm land rezone bid for 161 houses in Leongatha

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council will ask Victorian Planning Minister Richard Wynne to allow rezoning 22 hectares of land on Leongatha’s south-eastern outskirts from farming to general residential for a proposed subdivision for up to 161 houses.

Councillors voted at the open ordinary meeting held in Leongatha on Wednesday June 15, 2022 to seek authorisation from the Minister to prepare a planning scheme amendment to rezone the land at 108 and 110 Parr Street.

Assessment of a combined planning permit application for the subdivision has also been requested, as has the removal of two environmental significance overlays.

One of the overlays concerns potable water supply and water quality, which a report in the council meeting’s minutes states will be “removed because the proposed subdivision will be connected to the reticulated sewer system and consequently will not affect the water quality in the catchment.”

The second overlay, referring to areas susceptible to erosion, will also be “removed from the land because the landform is moderately sloping and unlikely to present soil erosion concerns”.

The 5.75-hectare parcel of land at 108 Parr Street is commonly known as Lucinda Estate and at present contains a vineyard and winery.

The land at 110 Parr Street is 16.45 hectares in area and is an irregular shaped lot with a dwelling and modified pasture that is currently used for cropping.

The report describes the subject land as being “located inside the South Gippsland Planning Scheme’s Leongatha Township Boundary and is identified as an ‘Urban residential expansion area’.

“The land adjoins an approved residential subdivision (yet to be developed) on its southern and western boundaries and will form an orderly contiguous expansion of the south-eastern growth area of Leongatha,” the report continues. 

“Rezoning the land in combination with a subdivision planning permit allows Council to appropriately integrate the new development into the existing and approved adjoining / surrounding subdivisions,” the report states.

The new subdivision “will bring new residential lots onto the market in a timely manner that can assist in addressing the current residential land supply shortage in Leongatha.”

Should Minister Wynne approve the rezoning, the Shire will exhibit the planning scheme amendment and combined planning permit application.Any submissions or objections to the amendment and combined planning permit that cannot be resolved will be referred to “an Independent Planning Panel for consideration.”


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