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• Rick Corbett from Onga Pump Shop presents Peter Gould from Waratah beach camp with the $16,000 boat and Ray Poletti and Danny Jenkins with vouchers.

WHEN Peter Gould went in to buy a pump from Ray Poletti and Danny Jenkins in Fish Creek earlier in the year he couldn’t have imagined it would lead to him winning a boat worth $16,000.

“This is an outstanding bonus,” he said, as he accepted delivery of the boat at Ray Poleti’s property in Fish Creek.

Rick Corbett from the national company, Onga Pump Shop, gave out not just this prize but also three others at the same time.

“Ray Poleti has one of one hundred pump shops around Australia. His salesperson, Danny Jenkins, sold one of our products to Peter Gould who ended up being the nationwide winner,” said Rick.

Onga Pump Shop do multiple promotions throughout the year and back in March ran one called Pumpin’n’Fishin.

In addition to a boat being up for grabs there were thirty daily prizes where $500 boating, camping and fishing vouchers were given away.

So the upshot is Peter Gould, who runs the Waratah Beach Camp, won the boat.

Danny Jenkins won a $500 voucher, Ray Poleti won a $3000 voucher and another lucky local, Danny Brickle, won one of the thirty daily prizes, a $500 voucher.

A great outcome for all involved.


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