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Emerald anniversary for Brendan and Mary

• Mary and Brendan Scott of Port Franklin celebrated their emerald wedding anniversary on Friday June 19, 2020. They were married in the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception in Fish Creek 55 years ago.

WHEN asked what the secret to a long and genuinely happy marriage is, Port Franklin resident Mary Scott said of Brendan, her husband of 55 years as at June 19, 2020, “I think I found the right bloke!”

Last Friday the Scotts celebrated the emerald anniversary of their wedding, which took place at the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception in Fish Creek on June 19, 1965.

“I must be the right one for him, too!” Mary added, before going on to mention they had first met at a dance in Meeniyan, were engaged three months later, married three months after that and have never been apart ever since.

“Of course, we had the normal ups and downs as everyone always does, what with everyday life and young children and the usual things, but we’ve always just got on very well together,” she said.

Both Brendan and Mary were born in Leongatha, four or so years apart.

Mary was one of nine children in the family of Tony and Violet Vuillermin of Fish Creek, while Brendan was one of seven children.

“We were lucky to have grown up in the good old days, and when we got married we didn’t have much and so we shared everything we did have, learned to do without and how to live a simple life,” Mary said.

“Perhaps that’s another secret to happiness.”

The Scotts had three children in their own family, Andrew (dec.), Steven and Eileen, and now they have three dearly loved grandchildren, Crystal, Lily and Ebony, too.

During the early years of the couple’s courtship and marriage, Brendan worked at the Dumbalk butter factory, then the family dairy share-farmed at Warburton and later ran sheep among other agricultural tasks on the Werribee research farm.

During the late-1980s, during a visit to Fish Creek to see Mary’s mother, the Scotts “spied” a house at Port Franklin that happened to be named “Glenelg”.

And, just as soon as the house came on the market a bit over a year later, they bought it and have lived there for more than 30 years.

“When we saw the house was called ‘Glenelg’ we knew it was a sign that it was to be ours because we went to Glenelg in Adelaide on our honeymoon,” Mary said.

“We both love the garden, and Brendan has got a shed where he makes things; he’s very handy at cabinetry and woodwork, you know.

“We’re glad we live where we live, it’s such a lovely spot, and we exercise every day, walking around the town and the river and along the boardwalk,” she said.

“We also enjoy travelling in our caravan and we’ve got some more trips planned, but we always look forward to coming home here.”


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