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ALL the senses can be delighted this weekend at the Welshpool Flower Show, and visitors can enjoy some retail therapy as well.

The hall will be ablaze with colour with dahlias, some as large as dinner plates, others like small balls, being the main drawcard. Exhibitors will be vying for the Dahlia Society of Victoria Bronze Medallion. Roses and other cut flowers will add to the spectacle along with colourful vegetables and fruit, pot plants and spectacular floral arrangements.

Many flowers will delight the nose, especially the roses. As for hearing, visitors are bound to meet a friend or two, and may share a cup of tea and a yummy treat, for the taste part. Gardeners do enjoy such common interests as growing and admiring plants.

As for the touch – visitors are welcome to the back room of the hall, where the now famous, huge plant stall will be. Now is the time to be planting, with fairly regular rains so far this year. You will find a large range of plants, from ground covers to trees, and plenty in between. As a bonus there will be helpful experienced sales people who can assist in queries on what to plant where. Many of the plants are not what you find in ordinary nurseries; some are very old fashioned like granny used to grow. It is worth a look.

While there guests are invited to vote by gold coin donation the public choice section. The theme is Down on the Farm, as is the theme of the whole flower show. The resulting funds will be donated to the Bennison Recreation Reserve, the home of the Corner Inlet Pony Club and Bennison Adult Riding Club. It just happens the personality officially opening the Show at 2pm on Friday is Deb Collins, the Corner Inlet Citizen of the Year, and stalwart of these clubs.

The Welshpool Flower Show will be open to the public on Friday March 10th (1.30 -5pm) and Saturday March 11th (10am – 4pm). Enquiries to Show Secretary Fran Grylls on 5184 1376. Bring a friend!


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