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Dead wombats dumped

THREE dead wombats were dumped in Pioneer Street, Foster, near the South Gippsland Shire Council depot late on Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

Foster Police’s Leading Senior Constable Matt Da Costa said police do not believe the same people who stole and vandalised property during the same period were responsible.

A South Gippsland Shire Council spokesperson said the wombats appeared to be roadkill that were dumped at the site. They were removed by depot staff.  There was no visible evidence the wombats had been shot.  Anyone with information on the dumping of the animals can contact Foster Police on 56682 2407.

Speeder fined

A 29-YEAR-OLD Fish Creek man will be slapped with a $317 fine and lose three demerit points after being pulled over by police for speeding on the South Gippsland Highway, Toora, on Sunday at about 4.20pm.
Car break ins at Welshpool

POLICE are reminding car owners to lock their vehicles after four cars were broken into between Saturday night and Sunday morning in Welshpool. All the vehicles were unlocked. Nothing of value was stolen.
“We are seeking assistance from anyone who saw someone lurking during that time,” Leading Senior Constable Matt Da Costa said.
Anyone with information on the break ins should contact Foster Police on 5682 2407.

Vandalism spree

TWO Wonthaggi teenagers have been spoken to by Foster Police after a spate of thefts and vandalism in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Leading Senior Constable Matt Da Costa said the pair damaged or stole a number of items from properties in the Pioneer Street and Nelson Street area. The items included garden gnomes and other ornaments.

Foster resident Nancy Angwin said she was angered when a pelican statue was stolen from her front yard, as it had been given to her for Mother’s Day.  Another had had its head knocked off.

In a letter to the editor, Mrs Angwin labelled the youths’ behavior as “disgusting”.  Police are asking anyone who had a rustic two-seater bench with light-coloured cushions, a colourful lizard wall ornament or a hatchet with wooden handle and rusted head stolen, to contact them to recover the items.  Ph 5682 2407


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