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Countdown begins to local council elections

THE local council elections to be held in Victoria on October 22 will see 2135 candidates, including 465 incumbents, vying for one of 637 vacancies across 78 councils.

The number of candidates represents an increase of 6.5 per cent since the last elections in 2012.

Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) Chief Executive Officer, Rob Spence said it was pleasing to see an increase in community-minded candidates ready to join the election race.

“The high number of candidates shows that many passionate residents are ready to take on an influential role in their communities,” Mr Spence said.

“The number of female candidates has reached 34 per cent. Despite only a one per cent increase from the last election, we welcome any increase in female representation. It’s pleasing that 78 per cent of female incumbent councillors will be seeking re-election, showing the majority want to continue in their councillor roles.

“As part of our successful Stand for Council campaign where we held 87 Candidate Information Sessions, we wanted to encourage people from all walks of life to consider nominating, including women and people from diverse cultural backgrounds to better reflect the communities they represent.

Mr Spence added that fresh faces will be joining councils across the state as 139 councillors will be retiring this year.

The South Gippsland Shire Council elections will be conducted by postal vote, with ballot packs to be distributed by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) via post to every enrolled person in a random order between October 4 and 6. It is important to ensure ballot responses are completed and posted back by the closing time of 6pm on Friday October 21.

All eligible voters are encouraged to vote. Compulsory provisions do apply and individuals may be fined if they don’t vote, or if they post their ballots after the closing time.

Contact the Victorian Electoral Commission’s office at 37 Bair Street, Leongatha October 12 between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm weekdays (excluding public holidays) if you have not received a Ballot Pack or have any other concerns with your ability to vote. The South Gippsland Shire Council Returning Officer is Sheryl Bruce.

To vote correctly in a council election you must number every box on the ballot paper in the order of your choice. This is because council elections use the full preferential voting system.

Three vacancies exist in each of the three South Gippsland Shire wards; being those of Coastal-Promontory Ward, Tarwin Valley Ward and Strzelecki Ward.

The candidates are listed here in ballot paper order.

Candidates of Coastal Promontory Ward:

  • Frank Oostermeyer;
  • Jill Maree Wilson;
  • Alyson Skinner;
  • Matthew Sherry;
  • Mohya Davies;
  • Jeremy Benjamin Rich;
  • Jeanette Harding;
  • Ray Argento;
  • Vincent Alfonso Morfuni.

Candidates of Tarwin Valley Ward:

  • Graeme Fredrick Heath;
  • Phillip Murphy;
  • Di Tod;
  • Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks;
  • Steve Finlay;
  • Graeme Max Winkler;
  • Rosemary Anne Cousin;
  • Maxine Kiel;
  • Ben Corcoran;
  • Don Hill;
  • Kim White;
  • James D. Fawcett;
  • Meg Edwards.

Candidates of Strzelecki Ward:

  • Andrew McEwen;
  • Viv Pepper;
  • Lorraine Mary Brunt;
  • David A. Wanless;
  • Ian Nicholas;
  • Robert Newton;
  • Aaron Brown;
  • Frank Hirst;
  • Jim Forbes;
  • David Amor.

FURTHER information about the local government elections can be found on the Victorian Electoral Commission website. For more information on the VEC’s South Gippsland Shire Council Election please visit


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