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Council supports Yanakie business expansion

AT its meeting last week, Council issued a Notice of Decision for the development of an extension to the Prom Café Bakery at Yanakie, provided the applicant meet recommended conditions.

The proposal is to extend the existing bakery to create a beer garden immediately to the south of the existing building, enlarge and enclose the verandah on the western and northern sides of the existing bakery, and licence these areas.

The beer garden will contain male and female toilets, and will be enclosed on the eastern and southern sides by a 2.4m high, timber acoustic wall. Seating for 100 people will be provided across both areas, and the beer garden will be used for live music.

Director Development Services, Bryan Sword, said the application was referred to Council for a decision as six objections were received.

“The objections primarily related to adverse amenity impacts from live music and a liquor licence, and car parking concerns,” Mr Sword explained.

“Whilst it is acknowledged that the proposed development could have amenity impacts if not controlled or restricted appropriately, Council supported the proposal subject to appropriate conditions.”

Some conditions include a restriction on when live music can be played, the development of a Security Management Plan and ensuring car parking spaces, access lanes, driveways and associated works and landscaping are finalised and maintained to standard prior to opening.

Proprietor Bill Clappers told The Mirror that he would like to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Ray Argento and the councillors for their unanimous support.

I’d also like to thank the community and the planning department for welcoming our proposal.

This is a victory for us for jobs and economic growth in the community.


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