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Your council reps on committees

NEW South Gippsland Shire Councillor appointments have been made to community committees and reference groups, internal and external. The appointments coincide with the mayoral term of one year. Adopted at the Ordinary meeting of Council last Wednesday, November 23, the appointments are as follows:

Internal Committees:

  • Chief Executive Officer Review Committee: Mayor Cr Ray Argento, Deputy Mayor Cr Maxine Kiel, Cr Jeremy Rich;
  • Audit Committee: Cr Ray Argento, Cr Lorraine Brunt;
  • Australia Day Awards: Cr Ray Argento, Cr Maxine Kiel, Cr Aaron Brown;
  • Economic Development and Tourism Steering Committee: all Councillors;
  • Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee (AIC): Cr Lorraine Brunt;
  • Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan: Cr Jeremy Rich, Cr Aaron Brown, Cr Alyson Skinner (Substitute);
  • South Gippsland Swimming Pool and Sports Hub (SPLASH) Advisory Committee: Cr Don Hill, Cr Meg Edwards (Substitute);
  • South Gippsland Youth Council: Cr Aaron Brown, Cr Jeremy Rich (Substitute);
  • Mossvale Park Advisory Committee: Cr Don Hill;
  • Toora Railway Reserve Park Advisory Committee: Cr Ray Argento;
  • Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee: Cr Ray Argento and/or Cr Maxine Kiel (Both can attend but only one councillor can vote);
  • Active Retirees Advisory Committee (ARAC): Cr Jeremy Rich.

Section 86 Committees:

  • T P Taylor Reserve Special Committee: Cr Alyson Skinner, Cr Ray Argento;
  • Corner Inlet Drainage Area: Cr Ray Argento;
  • Allambee South Community Hall Special Committee: Cr Don Hill;
  • Dumbalk Hall and Ladies Auxiliary: Cr Maxine Kiel;
  • Foster Showgrounds Special Committee: Cr Alyson Skinner;
  • Foster Stockyard Gallery: Cr Alyson Skinner;
  • Foster War Memorial Arts Centre Special Committee: Cr Ray Argento;
  • John Terrill Memorial Park and Fish Creek Reserve Committee: Cr Meg Edwards;
  • Korumburra Recreation Reserve Special Committee: Cr Lorraine Brunt;
  • Leongatha Court House Special Committee: Cr Meg Edwards;
  • Meeniyan and District Sports Stadium Special Committee: Cr Andrew McEwen;
  • Walter J Tuck Recreation Reserve Special Committee: Cr Don Hill, Cr Maxine Kiel (Substitute).

External Committees:

  • West Gippsland Regional Library Board: Cr Meg Edwards, Cr Alyson Skinner (Substitute);
  • South West Gippsland Transport Users: Cr Andrew McEwen, Cr Don Hill, Cr Jeremy Rich;
  • Coastal Agency Liaison Group: Cr Alyson Skinner, Cr Jeremy Rich;
  • Prom Country Regional Tourism Committee: Cr Meg Edwards, Cr Maxine Kiel, Cr Andrew McEwen (Substitute);
  • Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV): Cr Ray Argento, Cr Maxine Kiel (Substitute);
  • Gippsland Local Government Network (GLGN): Cr Ray Argento, Cr Maxine Kiel (Substitute);
  • South Gippsland Community Weeds Taskforce: Cr Aaron Brown, Cr Ray Argento;
  • Alliance of Councils for Rail Freight Development: Cr Andrew McEwen, Cr Jeremy Rich (Substitute);
  • MAV Transport and Infrastructure Committee: Cr Andrew McEwen, Cr Jeremy Rich (Substitute);
  • South East Australian Transport Strategy Inc. (SEATS): Cr Jeremy Rich, Cr Andrew McEwen (Substitute);
  • Australian Wide Rural Road Group (ARRG): Cr Meg Edwards;
  • Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum: Cr Andrew McEwen;
  • Leongatha Recreation Reserve Committee: Cr Don Hill, Cr Maxine Kiel (Substitute);
  • Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) Environment Committee: Cr Jeremy Rich, Cr Skinner (Substitute);
  • Great Southern Rail Trail (GSRT) Committee of Management: Cr Ray Argento, Cr Meg Edwards (Substitute);
  • Leongatha Education Precinct (LEP) – Governance Board: Cr Alyson Skinner;
  • RoadSafe Gippsland: Cr Meg Edwards;
  • Port Welshpool Marine Precinct Reference Group: Cr Ray Argento;
  • Rural Finance Counselling Service: Cr Aaron Brown;
  • Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) Planning Committee: Cr Jeremy Rich;
  • Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee (RAJAC) Gippsland Region: Cr Jeremy Rich, Cr Andrew McEwen, Cr Alyson Skinner (Share);
  • Tarwin Lower Recreation Committee: Cr Alyson Skinner, Cr Jeremy Rich (Substitute).

Council has traditionally appointed Councillors to a range of internal and external committees for the period of one year. Potential appointments were considered and discussed at Council Briefings earlier this month. The committees are those which were relevant at the time of discussion and can be reviewed as required throughout the year. The appointments are also reviewed annually at an open meeting of Council to ensure appropriate representation and contribution by Councillors.


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