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Community views, ideas wanted on Foster’s future

Community members’ points of view, and their ideas on and suggestions about the future of Foster are wanted by South Gippsland Shire Council by Friday December 23, 2022.

The council is expected to vote in Leongatha today, Wednesday November 16, 2022, to endorse the eight-page Foster Structure Plan Discussion Paper for public engagement and consultation.

Amendments to the Victorian planning system has prompted the shire to review the current Foster Structure Plan, which was originally released in 2008.

The new Foster Structure Plan will update the 2008 Plan and will outline the town’s development and land use over the next 20 years, while incorporating important changes, such as increased requirements to respond to bushfire and flooding.

The shire’s senior strategic planning officer Chantal Lenthall said feedback from the community will be used to develop the Draft Structure Plan for Foster, which will also be made available for public comment during March 2023.

“This part of the project is the community’s chance to shape the Draft Structure Plan, and a key element of the project is looking at the town’s growth directions as set out in the existing Foster Framework Plan,” she said.

“The review is expected to update the Framework Plan, which guides growth and change in and around Foster, and can also identify other improvements for the town.

“The shire wants to know what the community thinks are the issues and opportunities for the town of Foster into the future,” Ms Lenthall said.

“Some of the main issues include the topography, an ageing population, tourism, and servicing infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and public facilities, as well as responding to the risk of bushfire and inundation,” she said.

“Foster is the principal town in the southern area of the shire, and it is vital to ensure that suitable land within the settlement boundary is identified and developed in an orderly and appropriate manner that’s supported by the community.”

Find the Foster Structure Plan Discussion Paper as Attachment

[5.1.2] to the South Gippsland Shire Council’s November 16, 2022 meeting agenda and subsequent minutes at

This round of engagement is expected to include an online Your Say page with

a survey after today’s meeting, along with postcards and posters, an event in Foster, and direct contact by letter with key landowners near the settlement boundary.Share your ideas, issues and remarks for Foster by Friday December 23, 2022.


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