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Coalition announces new Gippsland port development

A BREEZE and a burst of sunshine last Thursday heralded a new and much anticipated beginning for Port Anthony.

Speaking on site, Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan, who is also the Member for Gippsland South, announced that funding for Gippsland-based Ancon Australia Pty Ltd to complete stage one of the Port Anthony Gateway to Growth project at Barry Beach has come to fruition.

“The Coalition Government is today delivering one of our major election commitments in Gippsland, which will generate jobs for the region and create valuable import and export opportunities in Victoria.

“This project will also close an infrastructure gap along Victoria’s east coast by creating another gateway into South Gippsland through a facility that is the only one of its type along the Victorian coast east of Hastings.

“The Port Anthony Gateway to Growth project is one example of the significant opportunities generated as a result of the Coalition Government’s Regional Growth Fund,” Mr Ryan said.

Mr Ryan spoke of the location of the port, perfect for its purpose but adjacent to marine parks, and the importance of accommodating the requirements of this special area at the same time as managing a busy port.

More than 90 local jobs will be created with the announcement of $2 million Coalition Government support towards this new bulk goods port. Mr Ryan said the project would ensure Port Anthony had the capacity to handle bulk commodities which would add an extra dimension to commercial shipping activity in Gippsland.

In addition to the Coalition Government’s $2 million contribution, the $3.5million completion of the Port Anthony project involves Ancon Australia securing contributions through commercial arrangements with its customer base. The project will involve: the completion of hardstand, a crane pad, bollards, capping and tie-ins; the upgrading of an existing road; construction of a new road, a warehouse, sandblasting building, guard house and gates; installation of a fuel and water pipeline from storage tanks to the wharf and the completion of minor dredging works in front of the wharf.

It is anticipated that up to 20 local jobs will be created during the construction of stage one at Port Anthony, with a total of 90 within the following two years.

Managing Director of Ancon Australia John Anthony spoke of the enormity of the project he first envisaged over 14 years ago, the situation of knowing its potential but not being able to immediately have this realised, and the exciting times now quickly approaching thanks to the contributions of the Coalition Government and commercial participants.


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