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Claim your Time Capsule envelopes

THE Foster and District Historical Society has prepared a list of envelopes that still remain unclaimed following the opening of the time capsule that was buried in Foster nearly 43 years ago with 249 letters inside.

The capsule was ceremoniously opened outside the Foster Museum on Saturday January 25, 2020 as one of the first and most significant events to be held this year marking Foster’s sesquicentenary since the township was founded.

About 90 envelopes addressed to individuals, families, organisations or businesses are waiting for their owners at the Museum and may be claimed with appropriate identification or authority when the Museum is open between 11 am and 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Envelopes from Time Capsule 1977-2020 held by Foster & District Historical Society:

  • Captain Fish  Creek Fire Brigade.
  • Secretary Fish Creek Red Cross
  • Secretary Toora Waterworks Trust.
  • Secretary Toora Football Club
  • Supervisor ESSO Australia Ltd. Barry Beach
  • Secretary Foster Branch United Dairy Farmers of Vic.
  • Secretary Foster Young Farmers.
  • Anyone interested in Commercial Honey Production in South Gippsland
  • President & Club Captain Waratah Beach Surf Life Saving Club
  • Church of England Foster
  • C. W. A. Foster
  • Manager Australian Estates Foster
  • 1st Foster Scout Group
  • Foster Motel South Gippsland Highway Foster
  • Secretary Corner Inlet Lodge No. 175 RAOB Pioneer Street Foster
  • Secretary Foster Films Art Music & Drama Association
  • Secretary Linton Court Elderly Peoples Home Society Foster
  • Secretary Yanakie Tennis Club
  • Secretary C W A Yanakie
  • President Yanakie Hall Committee.
  • Yanakie Mothers Club
  • Secretary Uniting Church of Australia Yanakie Ladies Guild
  • Secretary Yanakie Anglican Ladies Guild
  • President Yanakie Progress Association
  • Allen, Jan Mt Best Rd Foster
  • Arnett, Jamie Eric Yanakie
  • Bleumink, Luke Toora or Bleumink R 47 East Rd Seaford Vic
  • Bennett, Colin & John Fish Creek
  • Coghlan, Diane, Trudi & David (Haines), Joanne Coghlan
  • Cox, Maris Anne, Foster
  • Carruthers, Scott, Mark, & Helen
  • Cecil, Stephen South Morang
  • Crawford, Jane & Timothy
  • Davis, Peter & Gary & Terrie Ann.
  • Duff, Alexander & Ian Sandy Point
  • Elmore, Gregory. Foster
  • Evans, Jane, Jodie or Katrina C/- State Bank Foster
  • Elphick, Jeanette, Patricia, Carole.
  • Field, Cameron J. Katie M 26 Toora Rd Foster
  • Farrell, Jonathan, Andrew, Timothy & Michael
  • Gosbell, Timothy. Heathmont 3135
  • Grace, Michael (Exchange Hotel Foster)
  • Gourley family Yanakie
  • Gardiner Family of Albert & Clare
  • Gulley, Robert. Rumbug
  • Fowler, Jason, Tania, Rikki & Dawson Scott & Craig
  • Hall, Loris nee Standfield & Colleen & Andrea 
  • Hunt J or surviving relatives.
  • Harrison, children of Ruth & Dudley
  • Harrison, children of Stan & Ruth
  • Hamilton, descendants of Mrs J Hamilton Fish  Creek
  • Jones, Phillip L. Foster
  • Jones, Geoffrey Bullen Vic
  • Layton, Deanna & Narelle c/o CBC Toora
  • Lodder Michael Surrey UK
  • Lowe, J. A. C/- Shire Office Foster
  • McGraw, Wayne Yanakie
  • McCaw, R & C Lays Rd Wonga
  • Marriott, Kylie, Mathew & Sara Prom Rd Foster
  • McKenzie, Ross, Lloyd, Geoffrey, Gayle & Jillian
  • Nicoll, Andrew “Bryn Teg” Fish Creek
  • Pryse, Gregory Beach Rd Foster
  • Prain Sonia
  • Phelan, Glenn, Kelly & Amber Fish Creek
  • Parnall, Terry K, Mark or Dean Rennison
  • Richards, Tania, Sharelle C/- McCaughan Stony Creek
  • Raiti, Andrew.
  • Symmons, Raye, Geoffrey & Phillip
  • Standfield, Graham, Barry, Daryl, & Mathew
  • Standfield, Graham
  • Staley, Neville, Kelvin, Linden, Barry
  • Skinner, Michelle, Dean, & Steven Buckland John, Lynda Buckland Ron & Ann Skinner.
  • Stephenson, Chris. Boolarong.
  • Stephenson, James Raymond
  • Stoll, family of Gary
  • Stevens, Sam “Greenfields” Fish Creek
  • Stewart, David & Andrew
  • Snell, Kathryn. Foster
  • Scheerle. H.C
  • Sullivan, Gaelann & Kylie
  • Trenery, Don, Jennifer & Suzie
  • Trenery Jennifer Elaine
  • Trenery, Donald Charles
  • Tiplady, F A. or descendants
  • Thompson, Russell, Ashley & Tara
  • Wood, Chris Wilson Rd Foster
  • Wilson, Jillian, Elizabeth, Belinda, Genevieve, Megan & Page daughter of Tony & Mary Lou Wilson.
  • Wynne, Mathew Norman  Yanakie
  • Wright, Barbara, Karen, Bill & PeterWeston, family of Allan  Robert & Shirley Margaret.


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