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“Circuit breaker”… bring on the vaccine!

Precinct Covid-19 Update

Foster and Toora Medical Centres

THE virus continues to throw out challenges. As was predicted, there are many chapters to this COVID-19 pandemic story, although hardly a novel anyone would choose to read voluntarily.

With the large numbers of potential contacts of known cases and the chance that the virus had already infected many more than were already known, the Victorian Government introduced a snap 5-day lockdown last Friday. This gave the contact tracers a chance to get on top of what they knew at the time, as well as dampening the likelihood of further spread through keeping everyone at home-the virus can’t spread if people aren’t interacting. Lockdown is a blunt instrument, which again has caused much distress and hardship, but it has been shown to be effective in the past and the stakes of course are so high. At the time of writing it is not known if 5 days will be effective enough or whether a longer lockdown will be enforced…

If we required any reminding of how needed the COVID-19 vaccine is then this surely was it! How different would the scenario have been if the vaccine had protected all the hotel quarantine staff, for instance, or if it had been more fully ‘rolled out’ and all the close contacts had been vaccinated? No lockdown would have been needed.

The Medical Centre continues to work in a COVID-safe environment. Please use masks, hand-sanitiser and stay in your car until called after checking in for an appointment, the waiting room reserved for only a few. We are told that the vaccine is getting closer to roll-out but have not got a lot of updated news to share since the last article. The Respiratory Clinic has increased its work-load not unsurprisingly and again we urge you to get tested for even the most minor of the now well-known symptoms. Ring the clinic and get triaged for swabbing, assessment and management.

South Gippsland Hospital

IN light of the announcements made on Friday 12 February, the hospital is once again required to make some changes to our operations. Within our Community Care services area the following arrangements will be in place:

  • Senior Day Stay and our Social Support Groups cancelled until further notice
  • Home Care Packages, Podiatry and District Nursing, will continue as business per new covid normal
  • Physio and Exercise Physiology (exercise classes) sessions will be rescheduled to a more appropriate time
  • Other Allied health, including Counselling, will be via telehealth or telephone

Within the hospital, services will continue as per the new normal, however, Surgery will proceed only as directed by the Department of Health. Regrettably, however no visitors are permitted, except for end-of-life reasons, as a support partner for birth, or a parent to accompany a child. This will be until further notice.

Should you have any queries please call 56839777, and please be sure to keep up to date by checking our website at

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these times.

Prom Country Aged Care (PCAC)

FOLLOWING the announcement by the Premier to enact a lockdown, Prom Country Aged Care responded to the Government Directions to limit visitors to only those supporting residents at end of life. On Saturday the directions had been reviewed to include visitors who were required to provide support for residents’ mental health and for behaviour support.

Additionally, enhanced PPE is in place. In addition to masks, all staff have been directed to wear face shields in care areas and we continue to screen staff and visitors in relation to any exposure sites that they may have been in contact with in line with Government directions.

Families and residents were kept up to date with the changes via email advising that the restrictions will be in place effective 11:59pm Friday 12th of February through to 11:59pm Wednesday 17th of February 2021. Our reception team and visitor coordinator are here to support any visitors who may arrive at the facility and can contact us in advance on 5682 0800.


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