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CFA called out needlessly

VOLUNTEERS from the Foster and Toora fire brigades responded at around 7am last Sunday to a report of a fire in Ameys Track, Foster. Tankers from Foster and Toora, with ten personnel between them, arrived at the site only to find it was a controlled burn and there was no danger.

“The property owner had attempted unsuccessfully to light the burn the night before. The next morning it reignited, but there was never any danger,” said Foster CFA Captain David Jones. “The property owner was surprised and shocked to see the fire trucks arrive.”

Captain Jones said that while he appreciated the vigilance of the public, he would advise anyone reporting a fire first try and identify whether it actually merited an emergency response.

“I would recommend members of the public check and see whether fire brigade volunteers really need to be called out. You should provide as much information as possible about the fire to VicFire – the emergency number – to assist the brigade on arrival. We appreciate citizens showing concern, but we don’t like to be called out needlessly.”


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