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Bendigo Bank open for business at Toora & Foster

THE Bendigo Bank branches at Toora and Foster are open for business and will continue to contribute to our local community.  The local branches have a proud history of putting back into the community that supports them.

The Toora and Foster branches of the Bendigo Bank are Community Banks’ which means they are a franchise of the Bendigo Bank.  Community banking is based on a ‘profit-with-purpose’ model, which means at least 80% of our profits are returned directly to the community that has generated them.  Over the last 22 years, over $1.32 million has been invested directly back into the Corner Inlet community through grants, scholarships and sponsorships, to local community groups across sports, the arts, education, health, youth and community wellbeing.

The annual grants program is currently open until April 16th, so if your community group is in need of funding, get in touch by emailing [email protected].  Recent local events that have been proudly supported by the Toora and district Community Bank branch and Foster branch of the Bendigo Bank include the Sandy Point Art Show and The Prom Coast Festival.  As the Football and Netball seasons get underway for the 2021 season, it should be noted that local clubs have received sponsorships from the Toora and Foster Community Bank branches.

It was in the late 1990’s a new type of banking model came onto Australia’s banking scene. Bendigo Bank’s Community Bank branches.  The Toora branch was the 6th in Australia to be created when a group of dedicated local people got together to ensure there was a local banking opportunity for local people in Toora. It was a brave and bold move by a regional bank in a rapidly evolving banking and finance sector. Today, more than 20 years later, there are 324 Community Bank branches throughout Australia, partnering with one of Australia’s biggest banks.

In addition to the 324 Community branches of Bendigo Bank across Australia there are approximately 174 corporate branches.  These are managed directly through Bendigo Bank and don’t operate under the community model.


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