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AFNL hung out to dry

AFL Victoria’s Appeal Panel has upheld an appeal against Recommendation 1 of AFL Gippsland’s Leagues and Competitions Review Final Recommendations Report.

The panel reviewed the appeal opposing AFL Gippsland’s proposal to facilitate a structure that would see all current Alberton Football Netball League and nine of the 10 Mid Gippsland Football and Netball Association clubs participate in one competition from season 2019 and ruled in favour of the appellant.

While disappointed with the outcome, the AFL Gippsland Region Commission respects the appeals process and duly accepts AFL Victoria’s decision.

The Commission remains steadfast in its support of all clubs in Gippsland and its commitment to the development, design and implementation of a competition structure that offers long-term sustainability and viability for all clubs.

The remaining eight recommendations, as well as the 11 recommendations from Netball Victoria, will continue to be implemented as outlined in the Final Recommendations Report.

The AFL Gippsland Commission will meet today (Wednesday) to discuss the most appropriate way forward.  AFNL President Barry Stride told The Mirror that the decision has left the remaining six clubs in all sorts of trouble. There was never ever a plan B and we did present them with one but that has been completely ignored as well.
The Alberton Football Netball League and clubs are trying to organise a meeting with AFL Gippsland soon to try and move forward.

The Mirror believes that there is a chance of three AFNL teams joining Mid Gippsland to make a 12 team competition. What happens to the other three teams that are left?


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