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FCA – Fostering Our Community

THIS year has brought ups and downs for many of us. Some members of our community have experienced significant interruptions to income/employment and certainly most of us have seen our way of life changed. As always, we have seen many people stepping up to help others. Some organisations and committees have been able to meet using computer technology and the planning of current and future events has continued, whilst other groups like ours have been waiting it out. Regardless, all of these amazing committee people across our community have continued to volunteer in many capacities. Thanks one and all.

With regret we accept the resignation of our ultra organised and highly skilled secretary. Graeme Alexander’s kindness, generosity and many talents will be missed by the committee.  The FCA are very grateful for his time and commitment and all that he accomplished for us.  A huge thank you and welcome to Jen Young who has stepped into the role.  

While we haven’t held a meeting during these times of social distancing restrictions, the FCA are still very much supporting one another. With the recent lifting of restrictions the executive had actually set a general meeting date for July and the AGM date for August and were poised to email the details but then along came the COVID19 wave.

The FCA is due for our AGM and as soon as we feel confident to hold this meeting and gather together we will announce a date. Exciting opportunities lay ahead for our community. While we wait for the green light we trust that you will continue to support each other and remain optimistic about our future, as we are.  Do start thinking about what role you could take on with the FCA or perhaps you know someone who’d like to get involved?

Please maintain contact with us via email [email protected]  or pop in to Main Street Revelations where you’ll usually find FCA President, Deborah Harris happy to chat ( in between customers!)  on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We’d be interested to hear from our members and the wider community:

  • How has 2020 turned out for you? Are you in a positive position right now, why/why not?
  • What might the FCA be able to support you or your organisation with now and in the future?
  • We expect we will continue with the community consultation process next year to update the Foster Community Plan.  Other than this major activity, what other project would you like to see on the FCA planning agenda?

The FCA is a non-profit organisation made up of energetic and passionate members of the Foster community united in our desire to improve and preserve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the town and surrounding district.

We aim to represent those who live, work, play, shop, study or invest in Foster, and those who visit here for recreational or cultural purposes.

The FCA contributes to Foster becoming a more attractive, vibrant and prosperous community; one that has a strong identity and continues to be a great place to live, work and visit.

If any of this interests you, please consider becoming a member.  Membership is just $10 per annum per family or group. The easiest way to communicate with the committee is via our email [email protected] 

You can also find us on Facebook


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