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POLICE are pleased with the overall behaviour of drivers over the ten-day period covering Easter to the end of the ANZAC Day long weekend. No accidents were recorded in the Corner Inlet area during this time, although roads were generally busy with holiday traffic.

However, between April 11 and April 27, police in the Foster district issued a total of 14 penalty notices to drivers for a range of offences, including failing to give way, failing to stop at stop signs, speeding and illegal parking.

Foster police sergeant Neil Coates said he was concerned about the number of drivers who speed through school zones during the school drop-off or pick-up times when the speed limit is 40 km/h.

On April 23 at 3.05pm a 60-year-old Welshpool man was detected driving in the school zone at Welshpool at 51 km/h and fined $180 and one point. At 3.30pm the same day a 24-year-old Sale man was detected travelling through the 40 zone at Welshpool at 85 km/h. He was fined $614 and six points and lost his licence for six months.

“People have got to take notice of the school zones and travel at the appropriate speed, as we need to protect students going to and from school and the parents dropping their children off,” said Sgt Coates.


ON APRIL 16 a woman lost her purse at Toora. It was found by a 17-year-old Toora youth and an 18-year-old Fish Creek man. They used the credit card in the purse to withdraw a large amount of money from an ATM in Toora. The card was also used at Fish Creek on April 17 to withdraw more money. Video surveillance at both ATMs identified the two young men, who have now been interviewed and are to be charged on summons with theft and obtaining property by deception.


POLICE warn the public and business owners that a number of counterfeit $50 notes have been passed in Foster, Fish Creek and Wonthaggi. They say that people should be mindful when accepting a $50 note as change or using it in payment, to check the validity of the note. The counterfeit note is easily detectable, having a different texture to a genuine $50 note.


AT AROUND 1pm on April 15 an elderly lady living in Jetty Road, Toora, had two young males come to her door looking for work clearing the garden. One male asked to use the inside toilet and whilst inside the house removed $200 cash from the lady’s purse. Local police are investigating. They would like to hear from anyone else in the local area who may have experienced a similar incident.


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