Wilsons Prom Nature Retreat

The Wilsons Promontory Nature Retreat will create a public precinct providing a full service stop for day visitors to Wilsons Promontory National Park as well as a secluded and relaxing private precinct for overnight visitors.

Wilsons prom nature retreat

About the site

View also the site photos, site plans and flora and fauna photos.

The site chosen for a resort has many attributes

  1. The 256 acre site, with a northerly aspect, is 400 metres from the entrance to Wilsons promontory National Park.
  2. It has 900 metres of elevated road frontage overlooking Corner Inlet and the mountains of Wilsons Promontory.
  3. The property slopes down from a maximum elevation of 25m above sea level at the roadside to the Coastal Marine Park on Corner Inlet.
  4. The site has approx 100 acres of land 5 metres above sea level.
  5. The lower 150 acres of bush land has 40 acres of salt wetlands area opened to the natural flow of tidal sea water.
  6. Kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, emus, and many birds including wedge-tail, sea eagles and Cape Barren geese are seen on the property.
  7. The upper 100 acres has been acknowledged by the Shire as a Plantation Development Area. It can therefore be selectively cleared in the future.

Sheltered by vegetation

Although located on the leeward side of the isthmus it can still be windy so 150,000 trees have been planted for wind shelter and seclusion. As this vegetation matures it will become an ideal location for a secluded resort in all seasons.

Home for wildlife

Following the cleanup of the old dairy farm, the construction of three large water storages, and the development of saltwater wetlands the site is now experiencing fish breeding in the wetlands, wildlife finding a home in the woodlands, and birds returning in increasing numbers. Over the last eight years we have experienced a severe drought and subsequent high rainfall period which has provided a good insight into nature’s influences on the property.

Corner Inlet, at the entrance to the park, is a protected migratory wading bird area, a significant fish breeding habitat and the foreshore is a nesting and breeding area for around 80 species of water birds. Corner Inlet supports nearly 50% of the migratory wading birds species that (northern) winter over in Victoria. It is the southernmost area in the world for the white Mangrove, has extensive sea grass meadows and is the home of the rare broad leafed species.

For more information and developer resources view the Wilsons Prom Nature Retreat website.