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Weed Alert!

Water Hyacinth & Orange Hawkweed found in district.

Call 136 186 if you see these plants.

Two State Prohibited Weeds have been found at Walkerville and Foster, and The Department of Primary Industries is asking people to inspect their gardens, ponds and other water bodies on their property for these plants.  State Prohibited Weeds are the highest category of noxious weeds and the DPI is responsible for their eradication.

Water Hyacinth

The Water Hyacinth's attractive mauve flowers have 6 petals. The top petal has a yellow dot in the centre.

Water Hyacinth is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and has the capacity to doule ts population in two weeks.  It has been found for sale in nurseries, markets and pet shops in Victoria.  Without treatment it can block waterways, decrease water quality and provide habitat for mosquitoes.  It can rapidly cover and block waterways by forming a dense, impenetrable mat over the water surface.  It can then quickly eliminate other native aquatic plans, reduce oxygen levels and leave native fauna with little food and shelter.

Water hyacinth has attractive mauve flowers with six petals;  the top petal has a yellow dot in the centre.

The plant is characterised by swollen stems filled with air cells, enabling it to float.

It has two types of leaf:  erect, non-bulbous leaves up to 100 cm long, including the stem, and bulbous leaves with a round leaf, about 5 cm in diameter, attached to an air-filled stem.   All leaves are bright to dark green, smooth and glossy.





Orange Hawkweed flower

The Orange Hawkweed could be highly invasive in Victoria


Hawkweeds are closely related to dandelions and sow thistles and release chemicals that inhibit the growth of other plants.

The plant has daisy-like flowers and very hairy leaves.  Growth occurs from both stolons (above-ground runners) and seeds.

Its leaves grow to 150mm long and are arranged in a rosette close to the ground.  The stems contain a milky sap and are covered in short, stiff hairs.

Flowers are 10-20 mm in diameter, have square-ended petals and grow in clusters of 5-30 flower heads.

What to do if you find a Water Hyacinth or Orange Hawkweed

Please do not attempt to control or dispose of these weeds yourself.  If you think you have purchased or seen either of these plants, please contact the Department of Primary Industries by telephoning 136 186.

For more information visit the DPI website: