• Senior Contract Administrator Colman Nolan, CEO Rhett McClennan, Chair Sandy Bucello, Builder Gary Bullen and General Manager-Business Operations Emma Harry on building site of new resident rooms at PCAC

WORK began on five new resident rooms at Prom Country Aged Care in Foster on Monday May 22.

There are sixty funded beds at the moment and one unfunded bed, which is available for respite.

The rooms will be bigger than the existing ones at PCAC and will have a bedroom with an ensuite divided off from a lounge and kitchenette.

There will be additional facilities such as a nurse’s station and storage area as well as a space for dining if residents have family visiting.

At the other end of the building near O’Connell Road there will be a multi-purpose space, which is being built as an open structure now but can be converted for resident rooms in the future as the need arises.

“We are spending now to save later,” said Emma Harry the General Manager of Business Operations. “This is very good for locals and will give them different options by offering more space and room for group activities. It will give people more independence.”

Sandy Bucello who is the Chair of the building committee explained how they have gone with the Architects, Clarke Hopkins Clarke, who designed the original building.

“We loved what they did last time,” said Sandy. “It gives us consistency. There will be lots of light and it is all state of the art.”

Michael Germano and Colman Nolan of Connect Project Management also worked on the original building and are really pleased to be back.

They were able to use local builder Gary Bullen this time round.

“Last time we had to use a government approved builder,” explained Sandy. “We are self funded this time so can use a local builder.”

This innovative and important building project is due to be completed at the beginning of April 2018.