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The Dingoes

Support: Mick Thomas

The Dingoes are often given credit for that point in Australian music history where Australian rock shook off its cultural cringe and placed all the influences which had shaped the music to date into an Australian setting. The group’s music was clearly steeped in the American traditions of blues and country but the sound of Broderick Smith’s voice and the songs themselves left no mistake where the music emanated from. Even the band’s name said it. In the end however it was the quality of the songs and the musicianship which set the Dingoes apart, and leave them one of the truly legendary groups of Australian music.

The beginnings lie back in the mid-sixties with the Adderley Smith Blues Band, a purist blues group who prided themselves in informing audiences about where the Rolling Stones’ music was actually coming from. A number of singers and musicians appeared in its ranks over the band’s three year existence, most notably founding guitarist Kerryn Tolhurst and eventual singer and harmonica player Broderick Smith.

In April 1973, Kerryn and Broderick were both at loose ends, and decided to form a new group with guitarist Chris Stockley, formerly of Axiom. The Dingoes were one of the first signings to Michael Gudinski’s new Mushroom Records. An album was crafted in the TCN studios at the rear of Channel 9’s complex in Melbourne. The self-titled album was immediately recognized as the masterpiece it was and featured such tracks as ‘Way out West’.

The Dingoes had three top 40 albums, The Dingoes in 1974, Fives Times the Sun in 1977 and Orphans of the Storm in 1979. But by 1980 the band members had gone their separate ways… until recently. On 27 August 2009, The Dingoes were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame. And in the early months of 2010 the remaining band members have re-united and recorded a fabulous new album which will be released shortly.

The Dingoes will be doing, what appears at the moment, a one-off limited tour in August and this will be your chance to see them and, possibly for some, re-live some of those heady days of the late 1970’s.

The original members of the band will perform:

Broderick Smith (vox),
Kerryn Tolhurst (guitar),
Chris Stockley (guitar),
John Bois (bass) and be joined by
Ash Davies (drums)
and a keyboard player yet to be announced.


Members: $33 (+$2 bkg. fee)
Adults: $35 (+$2 bkg. fee)

Support: Mick Thomas

Whether performing with his bands, ‘Weddings Parties, Anything’ or ‘The Sure Thing’ Mick Thomas always stars. Often rated with Paul Kelly as one of Australia’s greatest songwriters it will be a very special evening to have Mick Thomas supporting.

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