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Surfing in South Gippsland

With so many surf beaches to choose from, surfing south gippsland is the way to go. So, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned surfer, you’ll find a beach that is right for you.

These surfers wouldn't have found any waves at Shallow Inlet, where this photo was taken, but around the corner at Sandy Point, the waves wouldn't disappoint. Photo courtesy of

Wilsons Promontory

Just half an hour from Foster (an hour to Tidal River), Wilsons Prom has some excellent surfing options.  The west coast of the Prom features a number of beautiful beaches, most of which can be reached with a short walk. As coastal dunes are fragile environments, it is recommended you keep to the walking track.

Norman Bay is the safest swimming beach at Wilsons Prom. Surfers should keep to south of Ramp 5 to protect swimmers. Access from second ramp at Norman Bay beach car park at Tidal River. Surf lifesavers patrol this beach throughout the summer months.

Squeaky Beach has no lifesavers, but is also a popular spot for surfers and families, who come to hear the grains of quartz squeaking under their feet as they walk on dry sand.

Picnic Bay Beach is accessed by a  steep track that leads down to the beach, which has rock formations at both ends offering a range of rock pool habitats to explore. Surf lifesavers do not operate at this beach.

Whisky Bay Beach is sheltered and features rock formations at both ends. The access track passes through a gully and follows a small creek before passing over a sand dune to the beach.

Tidal River is a reasonably exposed beach break with fairly consistent surf.  Good conditions are produced with an offshore wind from the northeast.  Can be busy during summer months.

On the way to the Prom …

Don’t forget that on the way to Wilsons Prom are Sandy Point, Waratah Bay and Walkerville – each just 20 minutes from Foster.

Sandy Point is a beautiful beach with stunning views of the Prom.  It has a moderately exposed beach break that provides reasonably reliable surfing conditions year round.  Off shore winds are from the north, northeast; ground and good swell from the south,southwest.  In all, a safe surf beach  and is patrolled by lifesavers throughout the summer months.  Great for wind surfing.

Surfing at Sandy Point

Surf's up at Sandy!

Waratah Bay is not patrolled.

Walkerville has a semi-exposed beach break with inconsistent surf.  Northwest winds provide optimum conditions.  Mixed ground and wind swells with best conditions generated from the southeast.  Beware of rips – conditions can be hazardous.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a dedicated local surf shop locally but you can buy wax and other gear at Glenn’s Sporting Goods in Foster and at the General Store at Sandy Point.

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Waratah Bay VIC 3959

Squeaky Beach
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