Seeking koala sightings & scats on private property

Friends of the Earth have been surveying and mapping the Strzelecki koala since 2013. These genetically significant koalas over-time have radiated from the Strzelecki Ranges to the Gippsland Plain. They may be the stronghold koala population in Victoria, but their population is at threat and in decline.

Any help with koala sightings or scats from private land-holders and farmers would be invaluable to help us better understand their range and distribution. We particularly need more information on koalas and Swamp gums. If you see a koala or their scats (droppings), take a photo (if possible), record your location and either email it to [email protected] or share it with Friends of the Strzelecki koala Facebook group. Any information on tree species is a bonus! 

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