Saying goodbye

FORMER Bromley Café proprietors Rick and Sharron Bromley are ready for their next big adventure. 

• Saying goodbye: they may be moving on to other opportunities, but Rick and Sharron Bromley will always have a connection with Foster.

 The official handover of the Foster business to new owner Nicole Holder occurred last Monday (April 15), but the couple was still around, helping with the transition. 

 According to all reports, everything is going well. Same great service, same great coffee. 

 Rick and Sharron had been running the café for the past 15 years. And so how does it feel to finally hand over the reins to someone else?

 “I like to answer questions with quotes from movies,” Rick said. 

 Channelling Mel Gibson’s William Wallace from the Scottish epic Braveheart, he cried: ‘Freedom!’ 

 While this may be a time for some rest and recuperation, the couple has hardly given up work. 

 “It’s really good. I’m not into a routine yet, but I will be. We have a little window now. Back in early May I’ll be back with the Navy in a reserve role,” Rick said. 

 “That contract will be for at least two years, working in conjunction with the Navy and the Morning Peninsula Shire Council on mayor events coming up in 2020. It’s Cerberus’ 100th anniversary. There’s massive Open Day plans, cocktail parties and a host of other things planned.

 “Which means, we’ll probably end up leaving here and going to live on the Peninsula.” 

 Rick was in the Navy for 30 years, but stayed on as an ‘active reservist’. He rose to the rank of lieutenant.  He and Sharron lived in India for four years, working at the High Commission. 

 “We left New Delhi, a city of 13 million, and moved to Foster,” he said. 

 Leave or not, they will maintain a strong connection to the area, Rick said. 

 “I’m still the secretary for the Foster Chamber of Commerce until a replacement is found, and still very much involved. I really believe the new owners of the café are doing a great job. I reckon too that Foster is evolving – it’s going through a change. There’s more people around and there’s different people around,” he said.  “There’s things happening that weren’t happening before.”