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Restoring Balance – Health Retreats, Yoga & iRest inspire wellbeing in South Gippsland

A Wellbeing Balance

  • Wellbeing is not only important to physical health, but also integral to mental health – one in five people in Australia will experience mental ill health within their lifetime (Beyond Blue, 2013) and a lack of wellbeing can contribute to this.
  • Balancing wellbeing can be an art form in the modern age – most of us understand that a sense of wellbeing can be encouraged through connection to community, a healthy diet, exercise, having a sense of purpose and achieving personal time out – yet many of us don’t have a sense of how to balance all of those elements.
  • The creation of Hache Are Wellbeing Retreats offers an opportunity to practice balancing these basics, whilst learning new skills of Yoga, Meditation & iRest, in a calm and supportive environment.
  • Amber & Hayley, the creators of Hache Are Wellbeing, met in 2010 when Amber was teaching Yoga classes at the Foster Community Health Centre. With a strong connection to the South Gippsland community, wellness and Yoga, they both felt that more could be done to connect community to wellbeing outcomes.


  • Hayley directs ‘Hache Are: Health & Relaxation Retreats’ at Bear Gully, Tarwin Lower. Hayley has an ongoing interest in wellbeing; combining the key ingredients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Her passion was sparked through years of university study in Psychology, Education and Wellbeing (M.Ed (Wellbeing); Grad Dip Psych; B.Ed (Psych); B.Arts). Combining intensive theory with real-world practice, Hayley is launching an exciting new business in the South Gippsland area to ensure people have the opportunity to learn about wellbeing and practice techniques to restore health.
  • The retreats offer the chance to spend some quality time with self and like-minded people; time out to unwind, eat beautifully prepared and locally sourced food, indulge in the tranquility of the local beach and bush lands and participate in nurturing Yoga classes. Two nights accommodation is all included in the package.


  • Amber grew up in the South Gippsland area and is returning this year to teach Yoga and relaxation at ‘Hache Are Retreats’ as well as offering ongoing public classes on a weekly basis in Port Franklin.
  • Amber has been teaching Yoga for ten years and draws on 20 years of personal practice and experience of many Yoga traditions.
  • Amber’s Yoga classes, which place emphasis on individual personal practice and working with mindful intention, will also offer a component of iRest (Integrative Restoration) Yoga Nidra. iRest is a modernised form of the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra – in essence it is a transformative practice of deep, meditative relaxation and is the perfect addition to Yoga classes and retreats.

Hache Are Wellbeing Retreats

The retreats are held at Bear Gully, Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland.

Winter Retreats include the weekends of June 21st – 23rd & August 9th – 11th.

Bookings and information:  or 0438 705 455


Yoga classes including iRest are held at Port Franklin on Mondays and Tuesdays from April onwards.

Timetable and information:  or 0417 123 746