Public submissions into CSG called for now

The State Government has announced that its inquiry into unconventional gas is open for public submissions. We’re hoping as many people as possible will enter a submission, so we can show the government yet again the depth and breadth of community concern about this invasive industry.

The inquiry will be guided by these terms of reference, but please note, submissions can also address concerns outside these terms of reference. So if there’s something you’re passionate about that isn’t addressed in the terms, please still include it in your submission. We have also created thissubmission tip sheet and submission guide to help you write yours. Please feel free to take from it what you need, and use it as a guide for writing your own.

Groups are also going to be holding ‘submission writing parties’ where people get together to help each other write submissions and encourage those who’ve never taken part in a process like this to do so in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Perhaps you could do the same with some of your friends, or in your town? Keep your eye on the coalandgasfreevic.org website to hear about events near you.

The deadline for the entry of submissions is July 10, so please enter yours at the inquiry site by the due date (or request an extension through the department.)

Apart from submissions, we’re also going to need to:

Have a think about what experts you want to put forward to the Inquiry. These might be experts that you have met or seen in the media or at meetings, or simply someone from your community who knows about ground water. It might be you. Please feel free to forward their details to us ([email protected]) outlining their name, contact details, location, and area of specialty and we will submit a comprehensive list to the committee.

Get good turn outs at all public hearings. The first hearing will be in Sale in Gippsland on June 30.

Sign the petition. We will aim to deliver this to parliament at a large rally on Sunday September 20 as soon as the draft report is tabled in Parliament. You can sign it here. Stay tuned for details of the rally in coming months.

Good luck!


Chloe and Ursula.