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Mieke Boynton, AAIP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019, specializes in Aerial and Landscape Photography.

Two internationally acclaimed photographers are heading for Warragul where they will present some of their best work and talk about the stories behind their shots.  Mieke Boynton and Fiona Handbury will be the double bill for a special one-day only event.  Both these women are photographers and artists of incredible talent and they will demonstrate and share many of their special techniques plus helpful tips, at this community event supported by the Warragul Camera Club. It will be a fun day full of heartfelt inspiration for everyone who likes to take photos.

Ruth Burleigh, the Club’s Major Events Co Ordinator, assures it will be a fascinating and absorbing insight into what two of Australia’s internationally acclaimed photographers enjoy most with their photography pursuits.   

Mieke Boynton, AAIP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019, specializes in Aerial and Landscape Photography.  Her highly unique style comes from her experiences and feelings, mainly from her time spent in remote Western Australia. Where she learnt it was important to be “faithful” to the landscape with her photography.  

Mieke has chartered at least 15 flights over the past seven years to capture the images of abstract aerial landscapes, usually taken at around 1000 to 2000 feet above.  She describes her passion for aerial photography as having two components.

“Firstly, I love flying”.  The other element of it is seeing landscapes from a different perspective.  “The shots I take are of inaccessible places.  My images of the mudflats, for example, you can’t walk on them because you would sink in the mud up to your thighs.  I try to communicate my wonder and awe through my aerials.  Nature is incredible.”

Fiona Handbury also has a penchant for getting it right in-camera.  Fiona is the lead photographer and owner of The Garage Studio, a boutique custom built studio in Sunbury, Victoria.  She is a busy woman, mother, wife, and runs a highly successful photographic business.  This year she was awarded the APPA Silver Award Illustrative 2019, and previously won a Kodak scholarship to study ballistics and high-speed photography at RIT in Rochester, New York.  For her presentation in Warragul, Fiona will demonstrate high speed photography using a sound sensor and / or motion trigger.  You will be spellbound and entertained by her photography techniques.

When: 3 November 2019

Where: Warragul Downtowner, 55 Victoria Street Warragul.

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