Open water (Shallow Inlet) swim 4 January 2020

With all the fire-related issues in Gippsland at the moment it is difficult to see good things in Gippsland. If you are looking for a distraction, at midday on Saturday (tomorrow) we are holding the second WBSLSC fund raiser open-water (Shallow Inlet) swim.

Many people are coming from around Gippsland and further to swim either the 500m or 1500m swims with the current. We have 80 entries so far and expecting over 100, including 2 entrants in the >70 category.

Swimming in the shallows with the current is a novel experience and presents an option to those not quite ready for a big swim but want the experience of swimming in an event. The ‘super sandy’ weekend includes the foodies market in the afternoon and the Fish Creek FC/NBC Waratah Beach Fun Run on the Sunday.

Contact 0400 029 736 for details.