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Major employers in our area

Approximately 90% of all businesses in the district are micro, owner-operated enterprises employing 0 – 10 people. Businesses employing more than 10 people are relatively few, but listed below are some of larger employers.  More than 27% of all employed people in the Corner Inlet district work in the farming sector.

Dairy and Beef

South Gippsland has one of the highest concentrations of dairy farming in Victoria – and no other region in Australia can boast as much productive dairy land.  The dairy sector is the largest single contributor to the South Gippsland economy, providing direct employment for over 1,400 people and accounting for around $280 million of the region’s wealth.

Beef is also a vital industry in South Gippsland and directly employs well over 600 people.


In addition to dairy, beef and lamb production, a wide range of produce springs from South Gippsland soils, taking advantage of ideal growing conditions that arise from the region’s reliable rainfall and temperate climate.

South Gippsland is Australia’s largest export grower of snowpeas.  The region grows 70 percent of the nation’s crop, primarily around the Korumburra area.

To the north, the potato growing industry flourishes in the Mirboo North area, stretching north-west to Thorpdale. South Gippsland also produces a bounty of herbs,  plus berry growing of all types. The Freshzest and Herbzest brands grow and package herbs at their Koonwarra headquarters, for distribution through Coles and Safeway stores nationally.


South Gippsland is home to a great diversity of international, national and regional businesses, including well known names such as:

  • Murray Goulburn Cooperative (Devondale)
  • Burra Foods
  • HPC High Performance Coating
  • Levey Engineering
  • SkyPark Rugs (equestrian products)
  • Select Produce (snow peas)
  • Herbzest/Freshzest

The largest employers in the district are listed below:

Murray Goulburn

Leongatha-based Murray Goulburn is the largest single employer in the district.  While the majority of its workforce is unskilled, MG also employes a significant number of technicians and trades people, managers, professionals and clerical and administrative workers.

With eight plants located throughout Victoria, MG is the largest processor of milk in Australia and the nation’s largest exporter of processed food. It processes over 35% of the nation’s milk supply into quality products which are sold on both domestic and export markets Contact: 03 5662 9666

Barry Beach Port (Esso)

The Esso wharves at Barry Beach currently see 3-4 ship movements per week, servicing the Esso/Exxon-Mobile oil and gas facilities in Bass Strait.

A $2 billion investment in off-shore drilling infrastructure and the building of an on-shore Glycol plans has reportedly secured Esso’s involvement at the port for the foreseeable future.

Its 50-strong workforce includes electricians and other trades, maintenance, security, cleaning and boat crews. Contact: 03 5688 0222

Prom Country Aged Care

This low-care and high-care residential aged care service employs 95 part-time staff in Foster and Toora.  The workforce comprises Division I and II Nurses, personal care assistants, activities co-ordinators, cooks, cleaners, laundry, maintenance and administration.  \Contact: 03 5683 9613

FoodWorks Supermarket

FoodWorks is a significant employer of young people.  Of its 50 employees, the majority are part time or casual.  The local store owners have made a commitment to lift the professionalism of their store and invest significant time in training staff to Certificates II, III and IV in retail management.Contact: 03 5682 2495

Foster Primary School

With nine classrooms and around 200 students, his school employs 20 people from the local area, including teachers, teachers’ aids, administration and care-taking staff. Contact: 03 5682 2370

South Gippsland Hospital

This busy 16-bed hospital employs 90 staff, mostly part-time, including Division I and II nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, cooks, cleaners, maintenance and administration staff. Contact: 03 5683 9777

South Gippsland Water

SGW employs around 80 staff.  The Foster office has an operations group, plus administration, totalling around 45 people. Contact: 03 5682 0444

South Gippsland Secondary College

This high school employs approximately 60 people, including teachers, teachers aids, admin staff and cleaning and maintenance. Contact:  03 5682 2066

Parks Victoria (Wilsons Promontory National Park)

There are normally 50 part-time, casual and full-time staff employed at the Prom.  This rises to 70 over the summer season.  Contact:  131963

Burra Foods

This family-owned Korumburra-based business has made a name for itself nationally and internationally with its unique range of fresh and frozen dairy ingredient products, such as milk concentrate, creams and cheeses.

Burra Foods is growing and is always looking for people who are keen to share its purpose and values. The company offers career opportunities for dedicated individuals who want enjoy the wide open spaces and relaxed lifestyle that country living provides. Contact:  5658 1066

Some content for this article was sourced from the South Gippsland Shire Council’s website.