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Foster RSL rooms reopen

THE recent closure of the Foster RSL rooms has been felt by many members and patrons and the Committee is pleased to announce that the RSL rooms will reopen tomorrow (Thursday).

There will be a cap of ten people inside along with thirty people outside.  The rooms will be open on Thursday and Friday evenings and on Saturday afternoon/evenings.

Two separate time sessions will be held on both Thursday and Friday evenings, as follows: 4.00pm until 6.15 pm and 6.30 pm until 8.00pm.

Bookings are essential for each session on Thursdays and Fridays, including outdoors as well.  Please call or text Janne 0468 376 961 to book.  This Friday’s early indoor session is already fully booked.

Saturday afternoon/evening is also capped at ten people inside and thirty outside.  

The outdoor area is at the rear of the RSL building, utilising the RSL’s own car parking space, with a council permit and conditions applied. Would you please follow the rules outlined below.

In accordance with the COVID requirements all patrons must enter via the front door at 46 Main Street, with check in and mask wearing required. You may then proceed through the building and via the rear doors to the outdoor area if you are booked for outdoors.   Patrons are asked not to arrive at the outdoor area via the rear laneway. All entry and check in is via the front door only, as this is essential for knowing the number of people both indoors and outdoors at any given time. And as mentioned, you will need to have a booking prior to arrival.

As well as entering via the front door, please ensure you are wearing a mask at all times unless seated.  To those who have obtained a booking at the rooms this week, we wish you an enjoyable time catching up with other locals. If you have missed out obtaining a booking, remember to book early for next week and good luck to those who are braving the outdoors – we hope the weather is kind. 

Hopefully, some of these restrictions may be eased soon.

Remembrance Day, an important day in our history and also known as Poppy Day, is on November 11.  The structure of the day is yet to be decided, once again due to COVID regulations.  Last year, under similar restrictions, a brief ceremony was held at the town cenotaph, with those present observing social distancing. Remembrance Day is a significant day for Australian Returned Services Clubs and especially for all those who have lost loved ones killed in defence of our country. It is an opportunity to remember with sadness the loss of life, but is also an opportunity to honour those who served their country and to maintain our gratitude to them.  An announcement regarding Remembrance Day will be made nearer to the date.

The next Committee meeting will be held at the Foster RSL rooms at 7.00 pm on October 18.

Carole Williams

Publicity Officer

Foster RSL Inc.