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Foster pool at risk of closing … support it now!

The Shire Council has put the future of the Foster Pool under review; it will take considerable community input to avoid this being the last summer that Foster ever has a pool.

Many in the community believe that with the steady growth of Foster, particularly in the retirement demographic, a more appropriate and forward-thinking strategy for the pool would be to ultimately upgrade to a contemporary standard to greatly increase its benefit and usage by a wider range of the community; rather than removing the existing infrastructure with the associated social and financial cost of doing so.

The Foster Pool committee is seeking support from community groups and individuals in researching and collating data to present to Council to demonstrate that closure of the Foster Pool would be against the wishes of the community and not in the best interests of Foster’s future. Shire Councils should be looking to maintain and enhance existing community infrastructure and services; not reducing existing facilities and diminishing Foster’s appeal to the local community, prospective residents and tourists.

We would welcome the support of the Foster Chamber of Commerce and any of its members; letters of support and any offers of assistance in data collation would be greatly appreciated. Our first objective is to have as many people as possible complete an online survey that will assist in collating general community views; the survey is located at:-

If anyone has any queries please contact myself [email protected] or Lisa Barham-Lomax [email protected] (FSP president) by email.

Thank you.


Ian Lyon

FSP Treasurer