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The Corner Inlet district is one of this State’s most prolific fishing grounds, with commercial fishing contributing around $5 million annually to the region’s economy.  Our healthy coastal environment is a magnet for recreational fishers around the world. But to protect the marine environment, commercial and recreational fishing is limited to certain areas.

Waters surrounding the southern tip of Wilsons Promontory National Park have been designated a Marine National Park, where no fishing, netting, spearing, taking or killing of marine life is permitted.  This area extends from the northerly tip of Waterloo Bay on the south-east coast of the Prom, all the way around to Tidal River, at the end of Norman Bay on the west.  There are strong penalties for fishing in Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries.

The remainder of Wilsons Prom coastline – and much of Corner Inlet – is designated Marine and Coastal Park.  This means that these are areas of environmental significance but where some forms of fishing may be permitted.

Ocean swells or waves can crash along rocky shorelines, catching people unawares.  If fishing or walking along a rocky shoreline, ALWAYS keep an eye to the sea.

Fishing at the Prom

Surf fishing is always popular at Squeaky Beach

It is advisable to contact Parks Victoria on 13 19 63 or for correct boundaries and details – or ask at the Visitor  Centre at Tidal River.

A Recreational Fishing Licence is needed for fishing in all of Victoria’s marine, estuarine and fresh waters – unless you are under the age of 18, over 70, the holder of a Victorian Senior Card or a Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card.

A detailed map of local fishing spots is available from the Australian Fishing Network.  The map is water and tear resistant and costs $7.95.

Great fishing spots and the types of fish you can expect to catch are listed below:

Waratah Bay

King George whiting, flathead, barracouta, Australian salmon, snook, gummy shark

Shallow Inlet

Whiting, flathead, trevally, barracouta, tailor, Australian salmon, snapper, flounder, garfish and prawns

Corner Inlet

There are several channels within the Inlet that offer fabulous fishing.  They include:

  • Singapore Deep – Snapper
  • Franklin Channel – Snapper
  • Middle Channel – Flathead, Whiting, Mullet, Silver Trevally, Gummy Shark, Snapper, Pile, Australian Salmon, Flounder
  • Duck Point Channel – Flathead and Whiting
  • Doughboy Channel – Flathead, Whiting, Mullet, Silver Trevally, Gummy Shark
  • Stockyard Channel – Flathead, Whiting, Mullet, Silver Trevally, Gummy Shark, Snapper, Pike, Australian Salmon, Flounder
  • Toora Channel – Flathead, Whiting, Mullet, Silver Trevally, Gummy Shark, Snapper, Pike, Australian Salmon, Flounder
  • Lewis Channel off Port Welshpool – King George Whiting

Port Franklin

This fishing village is located on the banks of the Franklin River, and is lined with fishing boats that work the waters of Corner Inlet and Bass Strait.  You can fish from the jetty – or buy fresh locally caught seafood direct from a local fisherman on the wharf (Thurs-Sat).

Port Welshpool

From the jetties fish for Whiting, Flathead, Mullet, Flounder, Garfish, Trevally and Pike.


Waratah Bay VIC 3959

Shallow Inlet VIC

Corner Inlet

Port Franklin VIC 3960

Port Welshpool VIC

Squeaky Beach
3960, Australia