Corner Inlet’s sustainable seafood!

As more of us are thinking about sustainable seafood choices at this time of year, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the University of Technology, Sydney, have announced the results of an independent sustainability assessment of five Victorian regional seafood products to complement their rapidly expanding list of seafood products assessed as sustainable.

Their independent and scientifically rigorous assessments take out the confusion and guesswork for those of us who want to make sustainable seafood choices,” said Professor David Booth from the University of Technology, Sydney.

“By choosing local and sustainable seafood products, consumers will encourage seafood producers to move towards sustainability. That will improve the health of our oceans while also supporting our coastal lifestyle and the economies of regional communities,” said Professor Booth.

The Sustainable Australian Seafood Assessment Program will continue to assess regional seafood products in Australia’s oceans. Funding for the Victorian project has been provided by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and the Ruffin-Falkiner Foundation.

Learn more about the assessment process at www.acfonline.org.au and check out the interactive seafood map.