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Residing in the lush hills of South Gippsland my studio overlooks a drop dead inspiring landscape.
Mostly I am busy designing and creating works of art and therefore it best to phone ahead because I could be out and about riding my beloved buckskin horse in the countryside.
Anne Miller Studio Gallery 380 Gardiners Road, Foster. M +61 (0) 417 322 895.
E [email protected] W

Our population may be small, but when it comes to artistic talent, the Corner Inlet district punches way above its weight.

The rich and thriving arts community includes musicians, painters, photographers, writers, performers, textile artists, sculptors, and more.

Local galleries feature an extraordinary diversity of exhibits of local works, and one of the best ways to find out what is going on in the world of the arts is to log onto the Gecko Studio Gallery in Fish Creek’s website, which is a veritable treasure trove of information.

Follow these links to discover more about this district’s rich arts culture.

Lyrebird Arts Council

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Foster Amateur Music & Drama Association