Animals & Bush Fire Information

What you should do to help animals if you are near the fires

  • Keep cats indoors and dogs under control wherever possible.
  • Leave bowls of water on your property out for animals and birds escaping the fires.
  • Keep a cardboard box and towel in the boot of your car in case you find an injured animal.
  • Do not leave food out in the national parks for the wildlife.

What you should do if you find any injured wildlife

If you do rescue an animal that has been burnt, wrap it loosely, place it in a cardboard box, keep it in a dark, quiet and warm place and do not try and feed the animal. Offer the animal water. Call WIRES on 13000 WIRES ( 1300 094 737A ) as soon as possible for advice and assistance, if you need help with an animal.

You can become a WIRES volunteer rescuer or carer by visiting and signing up to do one of their Rescue & Immediate care course .

How to prepare your pets for evacuation

See the RSPCA’s list of activities to prepare for evacuation of pets, livestock and horses:

 What is WSPA doing about animals in disasters?

In Australia, we work with government, emergency services personnel and key stakeholders to make sure that each state plans for animals in disasters.

Our work around the world is carried out before, during and after disasters. We ensure that animals, often disasters’ forgotten victims, are properly protected.


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