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Natures Way Soil Improver : Worm Wee/ Liquid Vermicast

Margaret Watson

Address: P.O Box 126 Fish Creek,3959

Phone: 0488592725

Price: $$3.00 - $4.50 a litre

Worm Wee is a natural soil improver helping your plants grow stronger and be more prolific. Worm Wee (liquid Vermicast) will give your plants the boost they need in this dry weather. Liquid vermicast works best when the soil is well mulched.This gives protection to the soil from direct sun and keeps the soil moist. When worm wee adds to your garden millions of beneficial bacteria will multiply in the soil creating carbon storage, help the soil retain moisture and when the bacteria die, creating the perfect plant food. 2 litres @ $4.50 litre; 15 to 20litres @ $3.50 litre; 20 + litres @ $3.00 litre
Foster and Fish Creek drop off. Compost worms available for sale.200 grams/1000 worms $45.00

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