Seachange Festival: Bubblewrap & Boxes

Wednesday 6 April 2011
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Location: Foster Arts Centre | Category: Show

A delightful show for primary school children – a story about living bravely in a big world, is told through acrobatics, clowning and lots of fun.

The show is set in the lost mail room, a simple but ingenious set of cardboard boxes sets the scene. O’Connor plays the highly-strung mail room dweller, intent on keeping his boxes in order. Flaws plays the free-spirited new arrival whose sense of adventure leaves O’Connor gasping for breath. When a strange parcel arrives the duo have to decide if and how to deal with it.

Contact:  Di Paragreen on 0407 883 600

Visit: for the full Prom Coast Seachange Festival program

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