Sculpture in the Vineyard

Wednesday 19 January 2011
10:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Lyre Bird Hill Winery & Guesthouse | Category: Art

Sculpture in the Vineyard is a new venture at Lyre Bird Hill. Artist Printmaker Angela Newberry is organising an exhibition with sculpture works from 19 Gippsland artists, in various mediums. Taking advantage of the variety of vistas and gardens on the property, the works will be displayed in strategic positions around the gardens and waterholes. The exhibition will be opening on Sunday 19th December, and continues every day through to January 30th.

Artists include:

  • John Abery
  • Sian Adnam
  • Robert Barron
  • Helen Bristol
  • Laurie Collins
  • Pat Dale
  • Bob Kickman
  • Patricia Hill
  • Barry Hill
  • Jim Howson
  • Nicola Hoyle
  • Paul Jesse
  • Chris Josephs
  • Andrew Kasper
  • Helen McCinnis
  • Margaret McPherson
  • John Mutsaers
  • Angela Newberry
  • John Watson

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