Fish Creek FNC Campdraft

Saturday 11 December 2010 to Sunday 12 December 2010
10:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Yanakie Reserve | Category: Other

Yanakie Campdraft

Campdrafts at Yanakie are popular with the whole family.

This true “Aussie” sport began in the cattle camps of the outback, where riders were required to select a beast out from the mob.  This took the combined skill of horse and rider working together as one, as most cattle resent being separated from the mob.  Over time, these skills were developed into the uniquely Australian sport as we see it today.

Campdrafting can involve the whole family, with events for 8 to Under 13, 13 to Under 17, Maiden, Novice and Open drafts.  There are practice days usually held at the beginning of each season which offer new and old drafters the chance to practice on cattle prior to entering an event.

Contact:  Veronica Park on 03 5663 6279

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