Film: The King’s Speech

Friday 2 December 2011
8:00pm - 10:30pm

Location: Fish Creek Hall | Category: Activity

Prom Coast Film Society proudly presents:

‘The King’s Speech’ – 2010 – UK – Drama/History – ‘M’ Rated

A Review by Margaret Pomeranz

Most of us are familiar with the story of how our present Queen’s father was forced to take on the throne when her uncle Edward VIII – played in the film – and deliciously played I might add – by GUY PEARCE – decided to opt for life with American divorcee Mrs Wallace Simpson rather than staying on as King.

What is less known is that Bertie – that’s what the new King’s intimates called him – had a speech impediment which made public speaking of any sort an agonizing embarrassment. He had tried various cures, all of them failed, until his wife Elizabeth, later the Queen, played by HELENA BONHAM CARTER, dragged him to see an Australian elocutionist Lionel Logue – played by GEOFFREY RUSH… and that’s when the fun and games begin… between the down-to-earth Australian and the man before whom the world bowed.

Accompanying short film – Soc Doc (9 minutes, 30 seconds)

Tonight we are set to see something very special from upcoming film maker, James Vinson.  James produced “Soc Doc” for his VCE exams. He was one of 260 entrants whose work was considered for the VCE Season Of Excellence 2011 in the categories Top Screens and Top Designs and was one of only 16 film entries that were selected March this year. The rest, as they say, is history.  Here is the litany of awards that James and his film have received in the past 12 months:

VCAA VCE Season of Excellence 2011

  • Top Screen- Winner
  • Top Designs – Winner

 St Kilda Film Festival 2011

  • Under The Radar
  • Best Youth Short Film – Finalist

Warburton Film Festival 2011

  •  Best Junior Short Film Award – Winner

Monash Youth Film Festival: Lights! Camera! Shorts!

  • Best Film – Winner
  • Best Film (audience choice) – Winner

ATOM 2011 Awards

  •  Best Senior Secondary Fiction – Finalist

Soc Doc explores the adolescent condition and depicts the way we attempt to present a more ‘likeable’ aspect of our personality to gain acceptance. Presented in comedic style the audience is encouraged to empathise with the principal character’s inherent flaws. To achieve a timeless cinematic quality I used a shallow depth of field in many shots.’

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