FAMDA’s newest production: ‘Heroes’

Friday 24 June 2011
8:00pm - 10:30pm

Location: Foster Arts Centre | Category: Show

FAMDA’s next venture is the comedy, Heroes, with an all star cast.

Heroes is Tom Stoppard’s English language adaptation of Gerald Sibleyras’ play, Le Vent de Peupliers. Because its literal translation, The Wind in the Poplars, was thought to be distractingly similar to Kenneth Graham’s The Wind in the Willows and Veterans was already taken, it becameHeroes, which is equally misleading as heroism isn’t the point. Actually, there’s very little reference to war experiences in Heroes, which won the 2006 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy in London and four Molière nominations in its native France in 2003

Heroes is set in a French military hospital in 1959 where three World War I veterans live out their days sitting on a terrace dreaming and arguing in a prison without walls. They hatch a plan to make a break for freedom and embark on a story that is funny, poignant and also absurd.

The comedy is gentle but, thanks to Stoppard’s brilliant translation, the play never quite gives in to the overwhelming sense of sadness that hovers around the lives of these men, preferring instead to play up their eccentricities, their follies and their quiet desperation.

FAMDA has assembled a brilliant team to present Heroes to Foster audiences. Playing the three veterans are Bruce Grainger, Max Hastings and Murray Maclean (all of them multiple winners of Gippsland Theatre Awards).

The production team is first class with talents recognised by the Victorian Drama League as well as Gippsland Theatre. Andrew Oldroyd is directing, Geoff Davey is in charge of set design and Rob Ellis has composed music for the show as well as doing the sound.

Book your tickets early!

Tickets on sale at Main Street Revelations from 1 June. Phone 0400 867 872 — Credit cards OK


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