Friday 28 September 2012 to Saturday 6 October 2012
8:00pm - 11:00pm

Location: Foster Arts Centre | Category: Show

A musical fantasy for children of all ages.

Did you have a favourite toy? Did you have a favourite toy that sat on your bed, shared your pillow, shared your secrets and was always an understanding friend?

Cathy, Jake, Vanessa and Oliver are students at a local school and their lives are being made miserable by Benny Fester and his gang. They confide in their bedside toys who take the children, in their beds, across the sea to remarkable places that they could only dream about.

On their journey they find that toys can have problems too, but by sticking together and with a bit of magic, things will be better in the morning.

Two remarkably talented locals, Edwin Coad and Paddy Broberg, have created this musical especially for FAMDA.

Experienced director, Beth Millar, is directing the production in her first involvement with FAMDA.


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