Book Busking in Foster

Saturday 27 April 2013
10:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Foster’s Little Bookshop | Category: Activity

Foster’s Little Bookshop is once again participating in the Prom Coast Seachange Festival and this year we will have a couple of events happening at the one time. Book buskers will be reading at the front of the bookshop to entertain the passing public and will have two authors visiting to talk about their books and to sign copies.

Carolyn Landon

Carolyn is writing the life of Botanical Artist, Celia Rosser. She has written several award winning memoir/biographies focusing on ordinary people whose lives define and are defined by the times in which they live, but this is the first time she has set her sights on a subject already known and admired for her extraordinary talents and artistic achievement. Landon is a newcomer to the world of Botanical Art, but has become a convert concerning all things botanical through her work with Ms Rosser. In order to fully understand who her subject is and what she has achieved, Landon has explored the history of art, history of Australia, history of botanical discovery, history of botany and the institutions that grew from discovery and science. Most importantly she has learned the place of artists in the midst of it all. Carolyn will explain to you what she has learned and talk to you about the process of getting to know Ms Rosser and her art.

Carolyn will be here from 10 am.

Coleen Bower

Coleen grew up in Templestowe. After graduating from Monash Uni, she taught geography in State high schools for over 30 years. Her interest in family and local history began in the 1980’s with the printing of her family history. Since then she has written several family histories, recorded the oral history of her father’s experiences in Darwin, 1942 and compiled the story of her great uncle’s experiences in World War I from his diaries and surviving documents. A small book has been written on the early days of a timber hewing camp near Collie, W.A. Several years ago, she, co-wrote with local author Gwen Truscott, the history of five schools in the Toora District.

Her book, Water Races and Tin Mines of the Toora District, is the culmination of 5 years research at government repositories and discussions with descendants of the Toora district. Her grandfather selected land at Mt. Fatigue in 1899 and his family grew up nearby. Over the years the Toora Tin Mines were mentioned in family conversations. Sections of the water races are still visible from today’s roads and since no detailed history of them and the tin mines had been written, Coleen decided the time was right. She undertook extensive fieldwork to find and photograph the head of the water races, on the Dingo Creek, Franklin and Agnes Rivers in the hilly regions behind the Toora wind farm. Her fieldwork and research on water – right licences and mineral leases, along with material from families enabled this short history of the Tin Mines at Granite Bar and Toora 1870’s to 1940’s to be written.

Coleen will be here from 11 am.

Saturday 27th April is going to be a big day for us and we hope you will be here to see and hear these two authors, perhaps you might also participate in the book busking?


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